Additions and updates to Komiser or the Tailwarden platform
Tailwarden v2.0.34
May 17, 2024

Tailwarden v2.0.34

Tailwarden v2.0.34

New Dashboard

Our brand-new dashboard provides a comprehensive summary of your cloud infrastructure. Get key insights with resources inventory breakdown, cost insights, and compliance & risk assessments, all in one place!

Expanded AWS Service Support

We've expanded our inventory to include the following AWS services: Workspaces, Security Hub, RDS Snapshot, QuickSight Dashboard and Glue Crawler.

Custom Dashboard Icons

You can now set unique icons for your custom dashboards, making it easier to visually distinguish and organize them.

Platform Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Date Range Picker: Now considers your local timezone for more accurate data insights.
  • Inventory Sorting: Maintains the sorting order of inventory resources even when virtual tags are added in bulk.
  • Widget Output Customization: Allows you to include or exclude values from the widgets' output, providing more control over the displayed data.
Tailwarden v2.0.33
May 13, 2024

Tailwarden v2.0.33

Tailwarden v2.0.33

BigQuery Cost Analysis

Dive deep into your Google Cloud Platform costs with our new feature that lets you analyze the cost of your BigQuery queries. Now, you can pinpoint exactly which SQL query is impacting your GCP bill the most. Break down costs by table, dataset, or even by the user who ran the query!

AWS Dashboards with Ready-to-Use Templates

Utilizing templates crafted from AWS cost best practices, you can now monitor the most expensive AWS services across Compute, Storage, Network, and Invoice categories.

New Widgets - Tables and Cloud Map

Customize your dashboards with our new 'tables' and 'cloud map' widgets for better insights.

Platform Improvements and Bug Fixes

We're constantly improving your experience with Tailwarden. This update includes several key improvements and bug fixes:

  • New AWS services supported in the inventory page: Directory Service, Lightsail and MediaLive.
  • Enhanced sorting capabilities for risk assessment findings.
  • New search functionality for Slack channels.
  • Expanded support for Microsoft Azure in our custom dashboards.