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Tailwarden is an open-source platform built for the 99% of developers bringing DevOps knowledge to your fingertips.
Connect to any cloud provider
Tailwarden is cloud agnostic, one platform across all major public cloud providers. We support AWS, GCP, Azure, OCI and DigitalOcean.
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Manage all cloud usage in one place
Get a deep understanding of how you spend on the cloud and uncover security issues. Create custom dashboards and achieve maximum transparency.
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Make impactful changes with one click
See which resources are driving costs and clean up unused or underutilized resources. Actively enforce security policies (NIST, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, etc) and setup alerts to be notified on real-time.
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Tailwarden's community consists of open-source advocates, developers, DevOps engineers, contributors and entrepreneurs. See what they think:
This is really great! I can't wait to use it and show the product to our developers.
Very slick - Komiser #AWS Environment Inspector - http://bit.ly/2pyvEHx  - Nice work & nice post, @mlabouardy ! (code is on GitHub)
Our clients are more and more concerned about the quality of our infra - but it's hard to find the right solution. Tailwarden looks like the right way to do it!
Komiser: a tool to stay under budget by uncovering hidden costs of your #AWS infrastructure, monitoring increases in spend, and making impactful changes based on custom recommendations.
Tailwarden is the tool we need to continuously optimize & maintain our infrastructure, as we no longer need a full-time DevOps engineer.

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Tailwarden is based on the open source project Komiser, used by +3M developers today.

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