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Kalto is an all-in-one B2B payments platform for growing businesses.
Roma Norte, Mexico City
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Kalto prepares for end of AWS credits with Tailwarden's help

Kalto, a Mexican tech startup, is nearing the end of their AWS credits, facing the essential task of transitioning to a self-funded cloud infrastructure. They sought Tailwarden's expertise to effectively navigate this shift.

In-depth analysis of current AWS usage

Adopting Tailwarden's approach, Kalto focused on understanding their real costs once AWS credits expire, Tailwarden played an important role by offering transparency on costs per resource, allowing Kalto to identify their most expensive and underused resources.. They utilized Tailwarden's cost reports, filtering out credits to clearly comprehend future expenses. This step was vital in understanding their actual costs, allowing Kalto to quickly check the cost evolution considering only usage. They saw their service and resource usage increase over the past few months and were able to deep dive by analysing cost per services or by resources.

Extend credits by reducing usage today

Reducing current expenses is an effective way to extend AWS credits. Tailwarden provides the transparency to do it, allowing Kalto to identify their most expensive and underused resources. This insight opened up opportunities for potential cost savings.

Kalto also leveraged Tailwarden inventory to identify outdated resources and those without tags, which were prime candidates for upgrading or removal.

By leveraging Tailwarden’s inventory, Kalto was able to quickly identify and implement cost savings opportunities.

Preparation for scalable growth

Even though Kalto was able to extend the duration of their AWS credits, they would eventually run out. As a consequence, preparing for the future growth without any credits is crucial.

The first step was establishing robust cost monitoring through a well-structured tagging strategy. They focused on implementing key tags like "owner," "product," and "costCenter" for each resource.

Thanks to Tailwarden Kalto was able to

  • devise a comprehensive tagging strategy.
  • implement it effectively.
  • establish policies to ensure that new resources complied with this tagging approach.

Even though immediate cost concerns weren't pressing, Kalto proactively developed the necessary cost monitoring infrastructure for their near future, allowing them to prepare for the future growth.

After creating various cost reports per team and product, and being able to filter out credits, Kalto could better predict future cost increases.

Outcome: A confident move forward

With Tailwarden's support, Kalto confidently prepared for the end of their AWS credits. They are now smoothly transitioning to a phase of self-sufficiency, backed by a solid understanding of their cloud costs and a robust strategy for scalable growth. "Tailwarden’s insights were invaluable in helping us prepare for this transition," reflected Jose from Kalto.

With the strategies and tools provided by Tailwarden, Kalto is now well-equipped to handle their post-credit phase, transitioning smoothly into an era of greater autonomy and financial control in their cloud journey

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