What’s new at Tailwarden: October 2023

See what's new in Tailwarden and Komiser this month and what we're gradually rolling out.

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Welcome everyone to the October edition of "What's New at Tailwarden." Join us as we delve into our updates, community highlights, and all things Tailwarden. In this edition, you'll discover the exciting new feature launches we've had this month.

Product updates


October was a packed month, filled with features and news. Our standout moment was the ProductHunt launch of Komiser, where we secured the 5th position as Product of the Day. We also unveiled a new landing page, featuring fresh branding and a visual identity that encapsulates the months of hard work poured into this project:

Komiser landing page

Here are the new features introduced this month:

  • Explore connections between your Civo cloud resources to identify security risks and locate idle resources, enhancing infrastructure optimization and security.
  • OVH is now officially supported in Komiser, allowing you to monitor your OVH resource usage in one place.
  • Users can request new features or share their product experience through our new feedback widget.
  • We've enhanced the fetching workflow's performance by leveraging goroutines.
  • Our inventory now includes Kubernetes nodes & namespaces, as well as AWS Kinesis data stream


We've launched a new landing page to better communicate our mission and showcase our product features:

Tailwarden landing page

Additionally, we've rolled out some fantastic new features and improvements for streamlining your cloud cost and usage management:

  • Set up customized alerts for your AWS and GCP resources. Stay informed of cost or usage spikes and respond quickly.
  • Introducing tags audit at the cloud account level. Keep your tagging consistent with regular updates sent to your Slack or Email.
  • Our Cost Explorer widget now includes a detailed table below the chart, simplifying the management of AWS and GCP costs.

We also shipped tons of other bug fixes and performance tuning. See the full changelog.

In the coming weeks, our focus will be on:

  • Introducing cost reports for personalized financial team reporting.
  • Launching tagging policies to identify non-compliant cloud resources.
  • Enhancing Komiser's dependency graph to support GCP and Azure.

Community news & updates:

Our participation in Hacktoberfest was a resounding success! Our contributor family grew from 54 to 65 members since the start of October.


We welcomed two new maintainers: Azan and Kunal.

Our monthly community call featured updates from October. If you missed it, here's a recap:

Community developer Jake interviewed Bishal Das, our standout October contributor. Bishal joined us after seeing a tweet on Kunal Verma's feed and quickly engaged with challenging initiatives.

Watch their discussion:

We also hosted our 6th contributors' office hours, offering insights into our roadmap and future plans, and providing a sneak peek into our design team's ongoing projects.

Kudos to our community heroes of the month: Pavan, Shobhit, Azan, Aswath, Swammy, Erik, Shubham, Philip, Siddarth, Bishal, Avinesh, Manish, Abhay, Shivam and Kunal for their valuable contributions to Komiser.

In the coming weeks, our focus will be on:

  • Producing more hands-on tutorials and guides on how to use Komiser and Tailwarden.
  • We’re hosting a Webinar with our friends at Civo on cloud cost optimization on November 15th.
  • We’re building virtual badges and a leaderboard to streamline the contributions to Komiser.

Check out our latest blog posts:

And that’s all we have for the October edition. Thanks for reading through. For even more detailed announcements, be sure to check out the release notes and join us on Discord to stay updated on our more frequent updates.

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