Hacktoberfest x Komiser: A simple guide for contributors

A Guide to meaningful participation in Hacktoberfest through contributing to the Komiser project. Beginner or experienced? Join us!

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Get ready to rev your engines because Hacktoberfest is here! While it might not officially be dubbed the "Super Bowl of the Open Source world", there's no denying its significance. In fact, Hacktoberfest offers a unique opportunity to not only explore new projects but also to broaden your horizons as an open-source contributor. It's a chance to supercharge your resume and take your career to new heights. And here's the secret sauce – apart from being great for your career, it's an absolute blast to participate in this structured, community-driven event alongside countless other enthusiasts. So, get ready to have some serious fun while making a meaningful impact on the open-source ecosystem.

Preparing for Hacktoberfest

Setting the stage for a successful Hacktoberfest experience 🚀

First things first, make sure to register anytime between September 26 and October 31. Once you have received your registration badge you are good to go.

Hacktoberfest rules and rewards change each year (no t-shirts this year 😢), check out this year's guidelines:

  • Pull requests can be made in any GitHub or GitLab hosted project that’s participating in Hacktoberfest (look for the “hacktoberfest” topic)
  • Project maintainers must accept your pull/merge requests for them to count toward your total

If you are in doubt about which projects are participating check out the list here or filter projects on GitHub that have the hacktoberfest topic.

Participating through Komiser

In case this is your first encounter with Komiser let me give you the tl;dr

Komiser is an open-source cloud-agnostic resource manager. It integrates with multiple cloud providers builds a cloud asset inventory, and helps you break down your cost at the resource level 💰

The Komiser team is super excited to announce our very first participation in Hacktoberfest this year, we can’t wait to help as many contributors as possible hit their goals. Just like any other project, to find something fun to work on, head over to the open issues labeled “hacktoberfest” and find one that seems interesting.

If you are starting from scratch and would like a crash course on how to participate in Hacktoberfest through contributing to Komiser join our live webinar on Monday 9th Ocober: ⤵️

💡 Make sure you are subscribed and turn on the bell 🛎️ to make sure you get notified when we go live!

The importance of following contribution guidelines 🦮

Every project is different, each one following different rules and conventions. The contributor guidelines are your trusted manual we recommend you keep close at your side as you contribute to Komiser. By doing your best to follow them closely we ensure that the contributing process is as easy an streamlined for everyone involved.

Adhering to the code of conduct 🤝

Following our code of conduct during an event like Hacktoberfest or contributing in any way to Komiser is essential as it lays the foundation for a respectful and inclusive community. The Komiser maintainers and community highly prioritize that participants treat each other with kindness, empathy, and consideration, fostering an environment where everyone feels welcome and valued. By adhering to the code of conduct, we not only maintain a positive atmosphere but also promote collaboration and the exchange of diverse ideas, making the Hacktoberfest experience more enriching for all.

Finding assistance and collaboration 🫂

The Komiser community has a gathering place where you are more than welcome to join. The community Discord server is the best place to chat, ask questions, explore new ideas and more. The community maintainers always try their best to respond when input is needed and since communication goes both ways it’s also the best place to air out your feedback if you have any.

Either the general, help-komiser or contributors channel are great places to start!

Section 2: Making a Lasting Impact

Emphasizing quality over quantity 💎

When you embark on your journey of contributing to a project, there might be a natural inclination to work solely on issues you've proposed or introduced to the project. While there's certainly room for your own ideas, it's essential to recognize that your voice carries more weight when you've established a track record of closing pre-existing issues. Building this credibility is particularly vital during Hacktoberfest, where maintaining a respectful and high-quality contribution profile is key.

The Hacktoberfest organizers have set a relatively low tolerance for what they consider "spam" issues. If you submit low-quality pull requests, project maintainers might label them as spam. If this occurs twice, you risk disqualification from Hacktoberfest participation.

With this in mind, consider focusing on your existing skills to address open issues within a project. If you come across an issue that you're not entirely sure how to complete on your own, don't hesitate to lean on the project maintainers for guidance and support. By emphasizing quality over quantity, you can be confident that you're participating in Hacktoberfest in the spirit it was intended.

Wait a minute, what’s in it for me? 🤔

There are many things you stand to gain from participating in Hacktoberfest, firstly:

  • The first 50,000 participants to have their first PR/MR accepted will have a tree planted in their name through Tree-Nation
  • Participants with four pull/merge requests accepted between October 1 and October 31 will receive a unique digital reward

We can all agree that tangible rewards are appealing but the true value lies in the pursuit of meaningful contributions and the embrace of a community-oriented mindset. By prioritizing quality over quantity and making substantial contributions to open-source projects, you can not only leave a lasting impact on these projects but also acquire valuable skills, experience, and recognition within the open-source community.

Additionally, engaging with the open-source community fosters collaboration, networking, and the opportunity to build lasting connections with like-minded individuals. So, while the GitHub badges are undoubtedly enticing, it's the personal and professional growth, as well as the sense of camaraderie, that truly make Hacktoberfest a rewarding experience for contributors.

Earning your Hacktoberfest badges

Show your progress will others when participating in Hacktoberfest and don’t keep your badges to yourself! Good luck with getting them all!

Hacktoberfest badges

Ready, set, go! 🏃‍♂️

Hacktoberfest is a chance for transformation, connecting contributors and maintainers on a deeper level and expanding your professional horizons in a meaningful way. Together, we are building a vibrant Komiser open-source community. We are looking forward to welcoming you, your ideas, and your contributions for a long time to come. Hacktoberfest is just the start but hopefully, your OSS experience goes on more than just a month-long hacking fest. Dive in, make a difference, and come back for more. Happy Hacking!

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