What's new in Tailwarden: September 2022

See what's new in Tailwarden and Komiser this month and what we're gradually rolling out.

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Hey everyone, welcome to the September edition of “What’s new in Tailwarden” where we take you downstream to cover highlights of our change-log, community and anything Tailwarden related. Read on to learn about everything that launched this month.

New features

Budget Threshold & Webhooks

With Slack thresholds, set custom budgets to track your costs and usage, and respond quickly to alerts received from a Slack notification or custom webhook if you exceed your threshold.

Restricted AWS regions

There might be times when you would like to specifically restrict the scope of Komiser’s reach to a specific cloud region or a subset of them. This can be useful for organizations with tight SCPs in place. Add the --regions flag to the Komiser start command and separate the regions with commas.

Learn more here about restricted regions.

New Branding & Landing Page:

We built Tailwarden’s identity to reflect our values, our mission, and our people (both the team and the users). Our main references for our logomark were the Tailwarden’s O, the cycle of DevOps, and the beaver’s tail (their tool to build) and they all came together to form the final design.

With branding and visual identity being defined, we also launched a new landing page. Our site reflects our new brand and positions us as an open-source platform for developers to take control of their cloud infrastructure.

Check out our latest Dribbble shot

Community news & updates:

Magic happens when people come together, which is why we're committed to building new ways of uniting developers and DevOps and inspire them to build apps on the cloud.

This month we launched Tailwarden Office Hours. From now on, we will open up 4 (30 minute) sessions a week that anybody can book to link up with the Tailwarden team. In these Office Hour slots we will be happy to answer any questions you might have, technical or otherwise. We can give you tips on how to build cost-effective infrastructure or even walk you through how to become a Komiser contributor.

Book a slot on our Calendly

Starting Friday October 7th we will be doing our monthly Community call events. In our inaugural session we would like to introduce to you some team members and give a demo of Tailwarden. Going over the main features as well as talking about what’s to come. Join us and bring all your questions.

Join our Community on Discord

Kudos to our community heroes of the month: Manivannan Chandrasekaran (Senior SRE Manager at Haladoc) and Hamza Tahir  (Co-Founder at ZenML) for their continuous feedback on how to improve Komiser.

To take part and potentially become the next Community Hero of the month, consider contributing to our project, either by providing feedback, be it through GitHub, through the #feedback channel on our Discord server or by testing existing and new features. Feel free to check out our contributor guidelines.

Check out our latest blog posts:

  • Tips to avoid surprises in your AWS bill: Are you constantly scratching your head wondering why your cloud bill continues to bloat every month? Dive in to find tips to bring down your cloud costs.
  • How we designed our logo: Our branding shines in everything we do! Jump in to find out how we designed it and what’s our stance in an early visual identity for start-ups.
  • The checklist: Monitoring for Economy: With the checklist and Komiser in hand, gain valuable insights and start cutting down those huge numbers that keep you up at night.

We’re growing

We're hiring a Frontend Engineer and Backend Engineer to join a fully distributed team of 7 based in France, Germany, Portugal and Nigeria. We're looking to hire great people who are based in EU or equivalent timezones - Join us.

And that’s all we have for September’s edition. Thank’s for reading through. For even more detailed announcements, be sure to check out the release notes and join us on Discord to stay up to date on our more frequent updates!

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