What’s new at Tailwarden: May 2024

See what's new in Tailwarden and Komiser this month and what we're gradually rolling out.

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Welcome to the May edition of "What's New at Tailwarden." In this post, we’ll explore our latest updates, community highlights, and everything new at Tailwarden. This month, we’ve introduced some exciting features that we’re eager to share with you.


BigQuery Cost Analysis

We’ve added a new feature to help you dive deep into your GCP costs by analyzing BigQuery queries. You can now pinpoint which SQL query is affecting your GCP bill the most. Break down costs by table, dataset, or even by the user who ran the query.

AWS Dashboards with Ready-to-Use Templates

Monitor the most expensive AWS services using our new templates, crafted from AWS cost best practices. Track costs across Compute, Storage, Network, and Invoice categories. Our widget builder now allows grouping data differently and breaking down AWS Data Transfer by service or resource. Plus, we’ve made the custom dashboard layout more flexible and fixed bugs affecting certain filters.

Advanced Cost Report Filters

Analyze your cloud costs across AWS, GCP, and Azure with advanced filters. This feature lets you break down and examine your expenses through various dimensions, providing deeper insights and better cost management.

Expanded Inventory Support for AWS Services

Our inventory now supports additional AWS services, including Athena, AppStream, VPC Endpoint, AWS Transfer, FSX, Detective, Nat Gateway, Route53 Hosted Zones, DirectConnect Connections, VPN Connections, Workspaces, Security Hub, RDS Snapshot, QuickSight Dashboard, KMS, VPC Flow Logs, ECR Repositories, Secret Manager, Glue Crawler, Kinesis Firehose, and WAF v2. Track resources created by these services across all your AWS accounts and regions.

Platform Improvements and Bug Fixes

We're constantly improving your experience with Tailwarden. This update includes several key improvements and bug fixes:

  • New Dashboard: Get a comprehensive summary of your cloud infrastructure with resources inventory breakdown, cost insights, and compliance & risk assessments, all in one place.
  • Custom Dashboard Icons: Set unique icons for your custom dashboards for better organization and distinction.
  • New Widgets: Customize your dashboards with new 'tables' and 'cloud map' widgets for improved insights.
  • Resize Inventory Columns: Tailor your inventory view by resizing columns for a more efficient display of information.
  • Bulk Select All: Quickly select all resources in your inventory and apply virtual tags to thousands of resources with just one click.
  • RBAC Cloud Account Invitation: Easily invite team members to your cloud accounts with role-based access control during the invitation process.


We've also shipped numerous bug fixes and performance improvements to enhance your Komiser experience. See the full changelog.

Upcoming Features

In the coming weeks, we'll be focusing on:

  • Introducing Kubernetes and Anomaly Detection on Tailwarden.
  • Supporting Azure and GCP resources in the dependency graph.

That wraps up our May edition. For more detailed announcements, be sure to check out the release notes and join us on Discord for more frequent updates. Thanks for reading!

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