What’s new at Tailwarden: April 2024

See what's new in Tailwarden and Komiser this month and what we're gradually rolling out.

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Welcome to the April edition of "What's New at Tailwarden." Join us as we explore our latest updates, community highlights, and all things Tailwarden. This month, we've introduced some exciting new features that we can't wait to share with you.


We're excited to announce major new features and enhancements designed to streamline your cloud cost and usage management:

Imagine having a native Grafana specifically tailored for cloud infrastructure management. That's what we've brought to life with Tailwarden’s Custom Dashboards! With Custom Dashboards, you can:

  • Build your dashboards with customizable widgets like pie charts, stacked bar charts, line charts, tree maps, and tables.
  • Drill down into your data by resource, team, or any other cost center dimension. This granularity helps you track exactly what matters most to your business. For example, you can create custom widgets to track your data transfer costs. This new feature allows you to break down egress fees by resource, service, region, or custom views tailored to your specific needs.
  • Whether you’re using AWS, GCP, or Azure, our dashboards provide a consolidated view of your entire cloud ecosystem.

We’ve expanded our service inventory with the addition of key services for AWS, GCP and Azure:

  • AWS: VPC Flow Logs, ECR Repositories, Secret Manager, Kinesis Firehose, Directory Service, Lightsail and Elemental MediaLive.
  • GCP: Kubernetes, Secret Manager, and Artifact Registry.
  • Azure: Firewall, Container Instance, and Snapshot.


We've also shipped numerous bug fixes and performance improvements to enhance your Komiser experience. See the full changelog.

In the coming weeks, we'll be focusing on:

  • Introducing Kubernetes and Anomaly Detection on Tailwarden.
  • Supporting Azure and GCP resources in the dependency graph.

That wraps up our April edition. For more detailed announcements, be sure to check out the release notes and join us on Discord for more frequent updates. Thanks for reading!

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