Introducing Komiser 3.0

Introducing Komiser - an open source cloud resource manager to easily search and discover relevant resources across cloud providers.

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Today we are very excited to launch Komiser v3, following three months of work since our first beta.

So, what’s new in Komiser?

  • Resource Inventory
  • Tags management
  • Filters
  • Custom views
  • Multi-cloud & accounts  support
  • Historical Data

Resource Inventory

For the longest time, finding cloud resources has been time consuming. For example, to find a running instance, you had to go your cloud provider console, switch to the right cloud account and jump to the service dashboard in the right region where the resource was created. This created a massive needle-in-the-haystack problem for cloud practitioners who needed to find out what resources are being used.

That’s where Komiser comes into the play, with its cloud agnostic resource inventory feature, you can have an active resource inventory of all your running cloud resources across your cloud infrastructure.

Komiser dashboard

Tags management

Quickly identify any untagged or improperly tagged resources across multi-cloud accounts and cross regions using simple named operators. Additionally, you can add, display, update, and remove tag keys and value from cloud resources.

Learn why tagging is important.


Easily search and discover your resources using built-in fields and metadata (such as resource’s name, region, cost, or tags). From the search results, you can quickly navigate to the resources in the appropriate service console and take actions (e.g. deleting underutilized resources).


We’ve released custom views which serves as a virtual window through which developers can see a filtered list of resources in their cloud infrastructure. You can create multiple views, each presenting an application, team or project. For example, you can create a view that holds resources associated with your sandbox environment, as identified by tags attached to your resources (e.g. Environment=sandbox). Then, you could create a separate view that allows searching only resources in your production environment, based on different values in the tags (e.g. Environment=production).

See filters in action:

Multi-cloud & accounts support

Contrary to AWS Resource Explorer, which works only an AWS account scope, not cross multiple accounts in an organization. Komiser supports multiple cloud accounts across different cloud providers, including AWS, Oracle Cloud, DigitalOcean, CIVO, Azure and GCP.

Komiser support multiple cloud providers

Historical Data

Komiser now persists historical data in SQL databases (we currently support SQLite and Postgres), giving you the ability to write SQL-based queries to explore dynamic data and extend Komiser UI native capabilities.

Stay tuned for some updates on Komiser soon!

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