Discover your Civo resources and uncover costs with Komiser

Tired of the headache of keeping track of your Civo resources? Use Komiser to view, sort, and filter your resources, ensuring you stay on top of your costs.

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Why Civo?

Civo, the first cloud-native cloud provider is a cloud computing platform that has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its ability to provide organizations with on-demand access to virtualized computing resources. With Civo, organizations can launch and manage cloud resources quickly and easily, enabling them to focus on developing and running their applications, rather than managing infrastructure.

One of the major benefits of using Civo is its scalability. With Civo, users can easily scale up or down their resources as their needs change, without having to worry about the underlying infrastructure. This allows for greater flexibility and cost savings compared to traditional on-premise solutions.

Another benefit of Civo is its reliability. The platform is built on top of a highly available infrastructure and offers automatic failover, ensuring that users can access their applications and data even in the event of a hardware failure. Additionally, Civo's data centers are designed to provide high levels of security, helping to protect user data from potential security threats.

Komiser integration

The Komiser integration with Civo now allows you to fetch your Civo cloud resources and view, sort, and filter them in the Komiser inventory page, providing you with complete transparency into your cloud environment. This enables you to uncover any unoptimized costs or untracked resources and take control of your cloud spend. With the ability to create granular custom views using filters, resource type, or region, you can ensure that all resources are correctly tracked and costs allocated, effectively eliminating the risk of any unexpected and costly surprises.

Adding credentials

Easily integrate your Civo accounts by adding a block to the config.toml file as follows:

Civo accounts configuration file

Above we are integrating three separate Civo accounts named “Dev-Account”, “Staging-Account” and “Production-Account”. Add the API token for each account and you are all set.

At present, the sole means of authentication offered by Komiser's Civo support (v1) is by directly inputting the sensitive API token. In the future, a more secure and production-oriented method will become available as the use of environment variables for authentication will be introduced in a subsequent version.

You can locate your API key from your Civo account under Profile > Security > API key. Need help finding it? Head on over to the official Civo documentation.

Dashboard view

Civo dashboard view

Integration walkthrough video

Need some inspiration on how to best utilize Komiser, check out this article on how to cultivate an efficient cloud cost approach with a few useful example use cases.

Regardless if you are a Developer, DevOps, or Cloud engineer. Dealing with the cloud can be tough at times, especially on your own. If you are using Tailwarden or Komiser and want to share your thoughts doubts and insights with other cloud practitioners feel free to join our Tailwarden discord server. Where you will find tips, community calls, and much more.
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