AI Startups: time to rethink your cloud credit strategy

AI startups: Optimize your cloud credits now to prepare for the future.

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Hey AI companies! You've made impressive strides and bagged plenty of cloud credits along the way. But are you really making the most of them? It’s time for a reality check on how you manage these credits.

Beware AI companies, remember that paper trails can be long-lasting.

The Pitfall of Complacency

With cutting-edge technology and talent, plus cloud credits, AI companies are in a strong position. However, there's a hidden risk. Cloud providers often make it too easy to ignore "real" costs while using credits. The best way to ensure credits last is by being vigilant about spending right now. Unfortunately, many startups realize this too late. When the credits run dry, at a time when scaling is critical, they find themselves constrained by cloud costs. This scenario can severely impact growth plans, forcing a sudden and difficult shift in financial strategy.

Are you in this picture?

The AI-specific cloud challenge

AI companies are unique in their cloud needs. You scale fast, and your workloads are heavy. Think giant instances for data crunching and model training. Without careful monitoring, you might be burning through credits on resources that aren't being fully utilized. Don't wait until your credits are on the brink of vanishing. It's crucial to monitor your cloud spending now as if you're already running on a post-credit budget. Are you overprovisioning? Are resources lying idle? These are the questions you need to ask.

Enter Tailwarden

Tailwarden comes into play, offering solutions to take back control of your cloud credits. It's designed to demystify your actual cloud spending.

Understanding costs without credits

The first step involves using Tailwarden's cost reports to view your expenses without the cloud credits.

Tailwarden allows you to easily filter out Credit

As soon as credits are filtered out, you can then leverage our cost report to see the real usage of your cloud infrastructure, broken down by resource, service, etc. By doing so, it makes it easier to understand what your invoice would look like at the end of the credits, and identify unexpected increase in costs per service or resource.

Evolution of cost over time per service without credits

Deep Dive into Data Transfer and Storage Costs

With Tailwarden's detailed cost reports, you can perform a deep dive into your data transfer and storage costs. These reports allow you to pinpoint areas where storage may be too costly or where data transfer is driving up expenses. By analyzing this data, you can identify opportunities to optimize your storage strategies or revise data transfer practices, leading to potentially significant cost savings. This detailed scrutiny is particularly beneficial for AI companies, where data management costs can escalate quickly due to large datasets and frequent transfers.

Tailwarden cost report allows you also to deep dive into Data Transfer Costs

Start saving credits

Starting from here, you can now easily identify costly and outdated resources by leveraging our inventory, enabling you to optimize and extending your cloud credits. Indeed, by using the inventory, you can easily filter specific resources (e.g. every VMs across multiple cloud providers), then sort by costs. In a matter of minutes, it enables you to identify most expensive ressources.

Still with the inventory, you can also sort out (and filter) by creation date making it easy to monitor week by week resources created and check oldest resources.


Tailwarden also enables easy setup of alerts for any aspect of your infrastructure, aiding in proactive cost management and control. There are many specific use cases for this feature for AI companies - you can easily set up alerts on specific VMs, or every VMs at once. Similarly, you can set up alerts on your different databases to ensure costs won't get out of control.

Setting up alerts or digests on Tailwarden only takes a few clicks


AI companies have a pivotal opportunity to reshape their approach to cloud credit management. Don't wait until it's too late; start optimizing now with Tailwarden. Experience our solution firsthand through a live demo, or if you'd prefer a more personalized walk-through, feel free to book some time with us. We're here to help you make the most of your cloud resources for a sustainable, innovative future.

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